Board Meeting Minutes 11-10-2018

January 16, 2019

DATE:  11-10-18

TIME: 0900 hrs           

ADJ TIME:  1013 hrs



KENT WARNER                                         JACK BUNELL

JIM BUHIL                                                 TONY RUTTER

MARIE KING                                              MARY SMOLIAK

ROBERT SCHNICKEL                                 DAN HAUMSCHILD



SECRETARY REPORT – Motion made to accept 10-13-18 Secretary report by Tony Rutter and seconded by Mary Smoliak, motion passed.


TREASURERS REPORT - Motion made to accept 10-13-18 Treasurers report by Tony Rutter and seconded by Mary Smoliak, motion passed.




Water Level – Working with the Dam to accept water level readings at the House on Yellow VS reading at the Dam.  Reading at the House was agreed to in 2003, but currently not in effect.

Membership – Membership drive is scheduled for July 27th, 2019 at Sweeny’s.  Events planned will be like the popular and successful drive in 2018.

IT Update – Mary Smoliak and Jon Keller will be working together on improvements to Web and other social media sites.




Dredging of Channel – Permit is pending for the dredging by Yellow Lake Lodge.  Letters have been sent to required “interested parties”, and newspaper posting completed.  It is expected that final approval will occur at the end of November, and the project started after January 2019.


YLRA Dock – Needs to be replaced, we will be checking on prices.


Bouys and Elevation Signage at the bridges – We will continue to pursue completing these projects

Meeting dates for 2019, second Saturday of every month at Tenth Hole.  Spring Picnic June 8th, at Ike Walton.  Annual Meeting September 7th, at the Fort.


Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Schnickel, Secretary.



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