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The total daily bag limit is the maximum number of fish that an angler may reduce to his/her possession in one day from all waters or portions of waters fished for that day.

An angler may combine the catch of a particular species from multiple lakes until the total daily bag limit is reached as long as the daily bag limit for each body of water is never exceeded. Be aware that while on the water you may not possess more than the daily limit for that body of water. For example, an angler catches a daily limit of walleye from a three-bag limit lake. The angler can not then go to another lake with a two-walleye limit while still possessing the three fish from the previous lake.

Algae Bloom Concerns: When in doubt, stay out.

Here is some information from the DNR on how you and your family and pets can stay safe during algae blooms:


Video on the Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms in WI waters:

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