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Presidents Message

Welcome to 2019.  The Yellow Lakes and Rivers Association Board would like to welcome the 43 new members that joined at the Membership Drive last July.  The Membership Drive was a huge success and many thanks to those who helped or organized the event.  Thank you to all that joined and thank you also to the current members that joined us that day.  It was titled a Membership Drive but we would also like to make sure that all members feel welcome to attend a day of fun and entertainment.  The members in attendance enjoyed many activities for the young and old.  Nice prizes were drawn for both new members and current members (kids and adults).  A food truck was in attendance for guests to enjoy also.  They sold approximately 100 meals.  We have another get together planned for July 27, 2019 at Sweeny’s for more fun. Hope to see you there.


As President this year I would like to thank our three new members for joining the board to help in the many needs that it takes to keep the association going.  Bob Savage, Randy Lohse, and Dawn Schnickel.  I would also like to thank the returning board members for their continued support of the board.  If you have any questions for the board please feel free to contact any one of us.  Contact information is on the YLRA website.


Lots of changes have been going forward on our YLRA Website and Social Media opportunities. Please take a few minutes and check out the improvements and upgrades made to the website.  We have added a spot on the website to get newsletters sent to you electronically through email addresses.  Please fill out the very simple sections completely, email address, full name, etc… so we can update our files.  This will save lots of time and money each time we send out newsletters.  We have added two social media opportunities for YLRA members, Facebook and Nextdoor.  Please take a look if you are into using social media to make new friends, look for activities or others posted items.


At our Annual meeting the membership approved spending monies to open the channel east of the bridge at the narrows. The past few years the high water has eroded the nearby shorelines and has reduced the channel width and filled in making it much shallower on the east side. Permits have been granted and work will be done this winter.  To get this project done, Stuart’s Leisure Acres along with the Condo Association, gave us approval to cross their properties.  Thank you to both parties as it greatly reduced the cost of the project. A few years back the cost was at $80,000, todays cost for the project is under $ 16,000.


The Yellow Lakes and Rivers waterways are connected to the McKenzie waters (McKenzie Lakes have been documented to have Zebra mussels), So we have taken the preemptive steps to monitor our water ways for zebra mussels.  Three mussel traps have been acquired from the DNR and will be placed on our waters this coming spring. We will try to help the DNR monitor the waterways. Please also feel free to contact the board or the DNR if you should spot the Zebra Mussels on your docks or shorelines.


For those who stick around for the winter I hope you enjoy your winter activities in and around the Yellow Lakes and River area. If you have time to stop by the Lodge on Saturdays (3pm to 5pm) we hold our weekly meat raffle to raise the monies for our association. Generally, you will find one or more of the board members to say HI to or ask questions if you should have any.



Kent Warner

President YLRA

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