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Board Meeting Minutes July 9, 2022

YLRA Board Meeting July 9, 2022

Location: 10th Hole Tavern


 The meeting was called to order by Jim Buhil at 8:00am.

Present: Jim Buhil, Bob Savage, Marie King, Deb Mlinar, Mary Smoliak, Mark Koller, Dave O’Neill, Mike Singer,

Nick Newton, Ed Collova and Ron Bourquin.

Absent: All present.

Secretary’s Report: Report submitted. Motion to approve by Bob, 2 nd Dave, motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Report submitted. Motion to approve by Mike, 2 nd Deb, motion approved.

Meat Raffle: Bob and Marie reported. We need have most of this year filled up. There are a few fall and winter

dates available. We had many volunteers sign up at the Summer Picnic. ��

New Business:  

Newsletter: Deb is finishing it – waiting on info on fish limits and elections. Marie will get it printed.

Yellow Lake Bridge: YLRA set aside $10,000 to donate toward the new bridge. Motion made to run and deliver

check to Union Township for the new bridge. Motion to approve by Bob, 2 nd Nick, motion approved.

Bridge work will begin August 22 and will be finished by September 22, 2022.

Clothing: Dave and Marie updated. Summer Picnic sales went well. There were very few items remaining. All

YLRA gear is sold to members at our cost. We will be purchasing more gear for the Fall Members Meeting.

We will include more Yeti’s, long sleeve T’s, and zip hoodies. Suggestion was made to furnish Board Members

with t-shirts for events and working the Meat Raffle. Motion was made by Nick, 2 nd Deb, motion passed.

Fishing Limits: Mary will forward us the state and county fish limits on Yellow Lakes and River. We will post this

information in the August Newsletter.

Fish Cribs: Mary is checking on the cost of purchasing and installing fish cribs in Yellow Lake. Fish cribs assist

the lake environment in creating areas to spawn and create a healthy ecosystem for fish renewal.

Elections: Fall Meeting on September 10 will include elections for Board Member positions. The following

members are running for the five Board of Director positions for a two-year term and the two alternate Board of

Director positions to a one-year term: Jim Buhil, Mark Koller, Marie King, Deb Mlinar, Dave O’Niell, Ed Collova

and Nick Newton.

Fall Members Meeting: We are checking locations. Whitetail was chosen, but declined hosting. Jim is checking

with Zia’s and Roundabout.


Old Business:

Summer Picnic: June 11 at Sweeny’s. Event went well, regardless of rain, with 138 members attending. The

Chuckwagon ran out of food. About 20 went without food. They were supposed to have food for 150.

The Speaker, a DNR Biologist, was excellent. We would like to have him back some time.

Yellow Lake Condo Rip-Rap: The Condo association will do the dredging and the rip-rap.

 Sanitizing sites: They have been busy. Bleach needed for Nick and Dave.

Lake level Issues: Many people have asked and expressed concern over the lake level. Lake levels are low due

to the draught. Mary would like to post the lake levels from the Burnett County Lake & River Association. We

are looking into a Dam Tour.

North Boat Landing: Mark updated us- getting permit. He is working with Cheryl on the Oakland Township Board.

No Wake Signs on the river: Jim updated- land owners can post no wake signs in their yards and shoreline. We

are checking into the cost of purchasing signs,


Meeting adjourned: 9:35am, submitted by Deb Mlinar, Secretary.


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