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Board Meeting Minutes 03-09-2019

DATE: 3-9-19 TIME: 0900 hrs ADJ TIME: 1038 hrs – Motion to adjourn by Mary Smoliak, seconded Dawn Schnickel, motion passed. ATTENDANCE – KENT WARNER, DAWN SCHNICKEL,


SECRETARY REPORT – Motion to approve by Dawn Schnickel, seconded Tony Rutter, motion passed. TREASURERS REPORT – Reported checking account balance as of 2-27-19 $ 107630, which includes payment of $12,600.00 to Hopkins for dredging. Motion to approve by Jim Buhil, seconded Tony Rutter, motion passed. OLD BUSINESS Follow-up request with Northland College for cost estimates on lake AIS survey of Big and Little Yellow Lake. Northland will also assist with potential grant monies available. Lake surveys should be done every five years.  Next newsletter needs to be out by May so the June lunch reservation cards can be sent out at that time.  The YLRA will be participating in the July 4 th Webster Parade and June 29 th Danbury Parade. NEW BUSINESS  Information was received from Bone Lake on the disadvantages of harvesting/cutting of weeds such as Curly weed, which allows other invasive weeds to move in. Using herbicides VS harvesting has long term benefits in cleaning the lake and improving water quality, however, the costs can be 6 times higher over harvesting. More research and information forth coming.

 A thank you letter was received from Union Township recognizing our donation of $10,000 towards the narrows bridge project. At this time there is no details on the type of bridge or time line to complete this project.  Suggestion made to purchase/rent large bill boards advertising our Association, check on cost information forth coming.  We received some initial cost information on dredging on Little Yellow just west of the Narrows bridge from Big Yellow. It would cost approximately $135,000 to dredge, but further bids will be looked at. Meeting adjourned 1035 hrs Respectfully Submitted Robert Schnickel - Secretary

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