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Board Meeting Minutes 9-07-2019 at Fort Folle Avione

YLRA Fall Membership Meeting at Forts Folle Avoine on September 7, 2019

Jim Buhil welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Jim invited everyone to lunch. President Kent Warner could not attend the meeting, so Jim Buhil, vice president, ran the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 12:38.

Jim discussed YLRA activities during the year, dredging the channel by the Yellow Lake Lodge boat landing and the membership drive in July netted 20 new members.

Jim introduced guest speaker George Costello of the Danbury Fire Department. George thanked YLRA for the generous donation to the Danbury Fire Department. George discussed the need for clear driveways in to homes and cabins needed to facilitate access by fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Also George reminded people to keep their fire numbers visible, clear brush and snow away.

Secretary Report – Marie King made the motion to suspend reading of the minutes. Dave O’Neil made the 2nd, motion passed. Marie made the motion to accept the minutes from last year’s meeting as printed. Dick LaPlante made the 2nd, motion passed.

Treasurer Report – Marie King reviewed the treasurers report. The balance as of 8/30/2019 is 97,847.10. Mark Koller made the motion to accept the treasurers report, Jerry Vogel made the 2nd, motion passed.

Election – Jim discussed the need for Board Members. Mark Koller volunteered for the one year board position. Bill Yorkson and Tony Rutter volunteered to become alternates for a one year term. Jim asked for any write in candidates. Marie King made the motion to accept the candidates and to have a white ballot, suspending voting since no position was contested. Ed Collova made the 2nd, motion passed, volunteer board members accepted.

Questions – Bill Yorkson requested funding for a marine biologist to analyze the water sampling data collected for years on both lakes. We would like to know if the lake is getting clearer, the amount of chlorophyll, and the change in phosphorous over time.

A question was raised on how to sign up for the meat raffle. A question was raised on sending the newsletter electronically. Another comment indicated the outdoor speaker at the meat raffle does not work well.

Jim Buhil discussed the water level being high on both Lakes. This is causing problems and should not be happening because this summer’s rainfall was 19 inches, when 26 inches was average. A suggestion was made to contact elected officials for help in getting local officials more interested in fixing this situation. The Board will publish contact information in the newsletter.

It was recommended to review the Polaris Study done a few years ago for their comments on water flow. There is a 1.3 foot difference in water level between Yellow Lake and the dam. This is very high. There may be a restriction in flow on the river.

A question came up on weed harvesting on Little Yellow and if YLRA will continue harvesting.

A question came up on duckweed in Little Yellow which they said is increasing.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.

Submitted by Jack Brunell Secretary

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