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Board Meeting Minutes September 10th, 2022

Location: Roundabout

The meeting was called to order by Jim Buhil at 12:53 pm.

Present: Marie King, Jim Buhil, Mary Smoliak, Ed Collova, Bob Savage Ron Bourquin, Mike Singer, Deb Mlinar, Mark

Koller, and Dave O’Neill.

Absent: Nick Newton

Secretary’s Report: No official Secretary’s Report, meeting for officer positions.

Treasurer’s Report: No official Treasurer’s Report, meeting for officer positions.

Officer Nominations and Results:

1) President: Jim Buhil nominated by Marie, seconded Bob, and voted in unanimously.

2) Vice President: Bob Savage nominated by Mark, seconded Dave, Bob Savage was voted in unanimously.

3) Secretary: Deb Mlinar was nominated Marie, seconded Bob, and voted in unanimously.

4) Treasurer: Marie King was nominated by Deb, seconded Mark, and voted in unanimously.

5) All other Board positions and alternates remain the same.

New Business:

1) Vote on officers authorized to sign on checks. Motion made to add Deb Mlinar and Bob Savage by Marie,

Second Mike, passed unanimously.

Old Business:

1) All committees will be formed at the next meeting in October.

The next YLRA board meeting is October 8 at the 10 th Hole at 8:00 am.

Meeting adjourned: 12:57pm, submitted by Deb Mlinar, Secretary.


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