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YLRA Members Meeting, Election & Picnic

September 10th,2022

Location: Roundabout Bar & Grill

The meeting was called to order by Jim Buhil at 11:30 am.

Welcome from the President, Jim Buhil.

Present: Marie King, Jim Buhil, Mary Smoliak, Ed Collova, Bob Savage Ron Bourquin, Mike Singer, Deb Mlinar, Mark Koller, and Dave O’Neill.

Absent: Nick Newton

Secretary’s Report: Review minutes from last year and approve. Motion made by Mary, 2nd Bob, approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Review updated report and approve. Motion made by Dave, 2nd Bob, approved.

New Business:

Guest speaker: 12:20 Charlie from the Webster Fire Department, speaking about Jaws of Life and

fundraising for it.

Presentation of YLRA donation check to Webster Fire Dept for the Jaws of Life.

Q & A

75 members attended, YLRA paid for 100.

Vote counters: Rob & Caroline

Old Business:

Updates on Bridge between Big & Little Yellow Lakes. Should be finished by the end of the month.

Bridge height was determined by the state standard. It was set at the state standard of 5 ft above the high water mark.

Question on Fish Cribs. Answer was based on the DNR info: Yellow Lake has enough weed & structure to not need cribs, per DNR. It takes a minimum of 100 cribs in a lake to make a difference.

Officer Results, Mike announced winner’s for the 5 board positions: Jim Buhil, Marie King, Deb Mlinar, Mark Koller, and Dave O’Neill were voted in with Nick Newton and Ed Collova are still alternates.

Thanks to the Roundabout for hosting and for the great customer service!

The next YLRA board meeting is October 8 at the 10th Hole at 8:00 am.

Meeting adjourned: 12:57pm, submitted by Deb Mlinar, Secretary.


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